ACT, SAT, or Both?

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Which college admissions test should you take?

It is that time of the year when rising Seniors are considering taking their college placement tests at least one more time before they submit their college applications.  If they did not do as well as they had hoped last Spring, then they have at least two more chances to bring up their score before college applications are due.  Some students might be asking themselves if they should switch tests, log scores for each test, or grind the same test out in the hopes that the third time’s a charm.  If your high school student is unsure which test is best for them, here are some thoughts to help them decide.

Firstly, four-year colleges accept scores for both tests, so students are not at a disadvantage if they choose one over the other.  Both the ACT and SAT tests are achievement tests.  They test the student on what they’ve learned, but each test assesses different types of information and problem solving skillsets, so they are not the same.  There are several subtle differences between the two that might help students determine which test would showcase their strengths.  Experts recommend that students take both in their Junior year to see which style, format, and content suit them best.  When the initial scores come back, the student should select the test with the higher score and work to improve their performance on the next test date.  

The test-prep gurus at Testive compiled an excellent resource for helping students decide what test to take.  Find their easy-to-use interactive tutorial here. Testive also recently launched free full-length online practice tests for both the ACT and SAT. Students might also find traditional preparation books and flashcards useful. Remember that the test score is just one component of the overall application.  Students should do their best, but also know that admissions committees consider other factors when making decisions.  Our Amazon Picks

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