College Transition Package



Along with X-Long Twin Sheets, a mini fridge, and shower shoes, Freshmen bring anxieties with them to campus.  Will I get along with my roommate? Will I be able to manage my academic and social interests? What happens when I miss classes? What if I get homesick?  These are just some of the concerns first-year students have when they arrive at their “home away from home.” 

Our College Transition Package offers students the opportunity to remain connected to their Compass team to ask questions, seek advice, and get regular check-ins to make sure their adjustment goes as smoothly as possible.  From templates for “How to Email Your Professor” to suggestions for time management and study skills, we will be a resource for students as they work to carve their niche and navigate their Freshman year.

What This Package Includes

  • Unlimited email correspondence (from Client to Compass)
  • Monthly email check-ins (from Compass to Client)
  • Advice on course selection, scheduling, and time management
  • Social skill work and suggestions for “getting connected” on campus
  • Self-advocacy coaching and direction for accessing campus resources

PRICE = $1000

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