With nearly 4,000 universities in the United States alone, it is no wonder that the quest for the “right fit” school can cause anxiety for high school students and their parents. Higher Education is a huge investment, and students want to find a school that meets their needs and fits their budget.

The task of filtering all of the options is not easy, so Compass Academics offers students and parents a comprehensive, informed, and customized list of colleges based on a client’s needs and wants. Interested in majoring in Sports Management with a Minor in Chinese while playing D3 baseball and pursuing study abroad options? We build that list. 

What this package includes:

  • List of 15 college recommendations.
  • Price includes an initial survey followed by consultation, list of college recommendations, and follow-up consultation.

  • Distribution of college selection survey tool to be completed prior to in-person consultation.

  • Consultation with student and parent(s) to determine and discuss criteria for college selection (location, size, campus culture, programs, cost, etc.).

  • Comprehensive list of suggested colleges including college profiles and rankings based on student/parent selection criteria.

* more colleges may be added beyond the recommended 15 for an additional fee.

PRICE = $875

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