Many students want to take the time to evaluate and refine their goals and values before making a higher education commitment. It is not uncommon for students to choose a “gap year” between graduation and matriculation.

In a world that privileges drive, ambition, and a five-year plan, students who take longer to develop their interests and passions can feel left behind. There are just as many tortoises in the race as hares, and they need more time to figure out their post-graduation plans. Maybe there are finances to consider, opportunities to pursue, or too many options on the table? For students who want to explore different paths after high school, Compass Academics helps them discover opportunities to nurture existing interests, or develop new ones.

What this package includes:

  • This service includes a one-hour consultation, preparation of a custom list of opportunity/experience options, one-hour opportunity review, and one-hour follow-up to discuss packaging the experience for admissions committees and employers.

PRICE = $1400

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