The ACT will implement significant changes starting in Fall 2020 and current high school students should take note.  Starting with the September 2020 administration, students will have more options to improve their scores. Here are the highlights:

  • Section RetestingThis option is available for test takers who took the full-length ACT test within five years of the September 2020 administration. Students must have a full-length ACT test score on file to be able to take advantage of the section retesting option. These retests are offered online only and students can select as many sections to retake as many times as they would like. Retests are offered seven times a year on the same dates as the national full-length tests. The cost to retest is TBD.
  • SuperscoringThis option allows students to “superstore” multiple ACT test efforts by combining the best section scores from multiple tests to create a composite score.
  • Online TestingStudents will be able to choose if they want to take the ACT online or in paper form. The online option allows for faster score reporting with composite scores available as early as two days post test date.

ACT has a wealth of FAQs available on their website. These changes will certainly be a game-changer for rising Seniors.


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