College Selection Survey

Allow yourself enough time to complete this survey in one sitting (about one hour).  You cannot save and revisit your progress.  If you are not sure of an answer, you may skip the question.  Use the message field at the end of the survey to offer any additional information or clarification.  
Note to Parents:  When parents submit a survey separately from their student, then they should fill in the “Parent(s) Name(s)” field. 

Preferred School Location

Location is very important to me.

Type of School (Select all that apply)

School Size (Select all that apply)

School size is very important to me.

Campus Setting (Select all that apply)

Campus setting is very important to me.

Gender Preference (Select all that apply)

Gender preference is very important to me.

Political Climate (Select all that apply)

Political climate is very important to me.

Religious Affiliation (Select all that apply)

Religious affiliation is very important to me.

Diversity Index (ethnic, racial, and economic)

Diversity on campus is very important to me.

Greek Life/Party Profile (Select all that apply)

Greek Life is very important to me.

Sports (Select all that apply)

Sports are very important to me.

Organizations/Clubs (I need to participate in specialized activities on campus)

Selectivity (Select all that apply)

Admission selectivity is important to me.

Cost: Tuition, Room and Board, and Fees (Please indicate the annual amount you are prepared to contribute)

Affordability is important to me.

I am interested in a test-optional school (Select this option if you do not want to submit test scores for admission consideration)

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